Very interesting reading list. It seems like an extra challenge to disentangle EA the philosophy from EA the "movement," but an interesting challenge. EA and existential risk from AI was a bit of a side challenge to a book I'm writing about generative AI and writing, but I ended up getting more interested in exploring than necessary for the book. I found myself sympathetic to some of the philosophy - I think I'm a soft consequentialist at heart - but increasingly skeptical of the movement, if that distinction makes sense. I'm pro rationality, but from what I could see about their stance on AI, they've taken leave of their senses relative to other existential risks.

The earn to give aspect of the movement also seems like an awfully thin rationale to become very rich and feel okay about it as long as you tithe. It's like the prosperity gospel for the rationalist community.

Syllabus makes me wish I was still in college and could be in a group of people kicking this stuff around.

P.S.: This podcast episode is a bit snarky, but underneath the critiques of EA made sense to me. https://pod.link/1544487624/episode/22f52bae6270a26d1ca342ef672355ea

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I am curious about the relation with running!

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